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C&C: Reloaded 2.5.1

27 December 2023 - 11:52 PM

C&C: Reloaded 2.5 released with focus in new single player missions and gameplay balance changes.

The most noticeable changes of this release are:

- Added a single player campaign for the Yuri faction. "Yuri Resurgence" contains 13 missions empowered with owr skirmish AI and new EVA voices for making the missions objectives more easy to understand (Special thanks to the original author Concolor1 for this great experience).


- Nod Centurion was replaced by the Avatar mech. 3 researchs will let the player the possibility to improve the new mech. Centurions will return in a future version.


- Silos game option mode is back! Last time it lasted few hours but now is the definitive return. Not only the refineries could work as slow strategic as in Tiberian Sun, Silos were added to all the factions, including the 3 RA2 factions:


- Updated Phobos library to the latest development snapshot with additional features.
- Updated CnC-Draw library to version 6.0.
- Added RA2 subtitles to brief & sidebar videos (English, Spanish & Russian).
- Updated Russian translation, specially the interface and the new Yuri campaign (special thanks to Green Eyesman).
- Now cannon weapons (usually fired by tanks) works like in Red Alert 1. This means that the units in movement will have less chance to be hit by a cannon projectile.

If somebody is interested to read the full changelog, please visit here: