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Other Hosted Projects

Other projects hosted at Revora


Castlevania: Fjording of the Abyss

Resources and a guide to the Castlevania series

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{IP} Clan

  1. Administration & Team,
  2. {IP} Community,
  3. Games

The {IP} Clan

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Sail 7 Seas Command and Con... - last post by The Best Guest

Project RAGE

  1. Help, Suggestions and Bugs,
  2. Gallery,
  3. Türkçe

Realistic Atmosphere & Graphic Enhancements. Graphics Mod, Car Pack, Weapon Pack and Texture Pack for GTA IV and EFLC. This is the place where you can ask questions, suggest improvements and discuss.
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Shee Labs

  1. Technical Support,
  2. Unreal Tutorials,
  3. Unreal Help!,
  4. Blue

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5 Week Project - last post by Mathijs


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Destructivality is back - last post by Pasidon


  1. Byond News,
  2. Naruto Tempus Saga,
  3. Legends of Cephira,
  4. Witchblade: Chronicles

Capalex65's byond games, they might not be advanced, but they can be plenty of fun.
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This time it's for cert... - last post by Gabriel

It Came From The Cave

Originally created on the Global Game Jam 2009, this is an arcade game where you control a miner who got stuck unarmed in a cave full of monsters. These monsters eat anything including themselves, if they touch each other. The miner has placed a TNT in the entrance of the cave. He needs to run away from the monsters and, once the TNT explodes, he needs to leave the cave before it collapses. Can you survive it? Discuss it here!

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Development - last post by Banshee

Project Citizen

In the campaign of Project Citizin the player is taken as the role of Chris, a citizen in City 17. The Combine hire citizens to do odd jobs for the week in exchange for some rations. This mod also includes a multiplayer part.

[Site Soon]

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Discussion:- Nano-Core - last post by DIGI_Byte

Zion Warcry

Zion War Cry is set on Matrix Revolutions universe. You need to defend the dock from Zion in an APU machine from the invading robots.

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Sound FX Vault

  1. SoundFX News,
  2. Requests

MJ's Sound Edition Hub and Resources. here you can find new sounds for your projects, mods, etc.

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Long time no see... - last post by MaryJo

Gravity's Rainbow - The First Bug War

  1. Segmentum - Dark Crucible

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What Would you like to see... - last post by HeadClot

Free Roam Studios

  1. Free Roam Studios Main,
  2. Free Roam Studios Games

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Star Wars: Commander

This forum is set up to discuss the StormCommando squad. This is a place to dicuss tactics, plans, recruit, and exchange general ideas regarding our squad.

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