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Erebor Faction Plan

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#61 OdoProudfoot

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Posted 02 March 2018 - 12:05 PM

Perhaps at level 3 Iron Hills Dwarves could get the ability to switch to war mattocks, increasing their damage against units with heavy armor, but lowering their defense and preventing them to enter shield wall formation.
But then again, the faction is already very rich and diverse as it is

#62 The_Nazgul

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Posted 05 March 2018 - 08:21 AM

Few suggestions for stonehelm! :)


For his lvl 1 power i also added resistance to knock back for him! as a prince who has a "stonehelm" nickname and hold erebor during war of the ring he deserves that imo.
Rank 1: Prince of Erebor
Whenever Thorin attacks, nearby troops gain a small attack boost(15%). Stonehelm is resistance to knock back!
Rank 3 : "Stand Strong" 
Stonehelm gets 200% armor for 30 seconds.
Rank 5 : "Warrior Prince"  
Permanently(passive) gets and area of effect for his attack.
Rank 7 : "Iron breaker"
[Creates something similar to a golden buff around him, gets damage bonus and nerf enemies around him]
Stonehelm causes fear in the hearts of his enemies for 30 seconds he gets 100% damage, reduce 25% of enemy armors and cover them with fear)
Rank 10 : "Stonehelm"
[A short radius area of effect which deals a great damage to enemies in his front vision like the vanilla Gloin's lvl 1 ability but much stronger]
Stonehelm use anything to save his people, even use his helmet to smash his enemies! dealing a superior damage to the enemy.

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#63 Thranduil_King

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Posted 03 April 2018 - 06:17 AM

Hello there
I have some suggestions and questions for this faction...
1) This faction will have its dwarven cavalry only with powers?, i know, in the books the dwarfs did not ride anything, never. But that i see, this faction will have no cavalry to buy, only with powers? It would be a disadvantage, more than anything because they're so slow.
2) What about ballistas or catapults, it will be also like dwarven cavalry?, only with powers?.
How an advice, i think like others, it could be better if you divide this faction, erebor and iron hills, or well, i don't know, just want to see Thrain and Thror also, and buy many many dwarven cavalry in goats like the movie.
This faction will be good!
(Sorry for my English)

#64 saruman_the_wise



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Posted 13 April 2018 - 10:21 PM

For Stonehelm's Rank 3 why not use the old TDH Tier 1 spell for inspiration? i.e


Rank 3: Dwarven Grudge 

 Target hero temporarily receives +50% damage from all Dwarves. 


For Hadhod's Rank 6:


Rank 6: Barrage (same as vanilla)

 Hadhod orders a bombardment of flaming rocks in a medium sized area (does extra damage to structures)



Just my two cents since I see Stonehelm as an expert duelist and Hadhod as the commander of mighty siege-machines   

#65 SnonJow

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Posted 04 May 2018 - 01:17 PM

Why don't you name Balin "Balin, son of Fundin"? It has a nice ring to it. (You might as well call Dwalin the same.) By the same token, I think it's better to call Gloin "Gloin, son of Groin". If these patronyms are too repetitive, you can use the Dwarvish suffix -ul, as seen on Balin's tomb, where he's called "Balin Fundinul".


Speaking of Balin, surely his ultimate power should be "Lord of Moria", given that the retaking of Moria was his ultimate solo achievement. Maybe it could summon his Moria company (some dwarves including Ori and Oin) and equip him with Durin's axe (which he found in Moria) or something like that.

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