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#101 Ring o' Fate

Ring o' Fate

    The Ghost.

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  •  The guy that is just a ghost.

Posted 01 July 2009 - 02:11 AM

Yes, he means Stealth Bard.
A changed man is only the same man with a different outlook of life.

#102 ESCL

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Posted 03 July 2009 - 10:44 PM

As some have stated before me, I think we should limit the heroes in this mod for the standard races (all but arnor and angmar) to heroes actually alive during the war of the ring. The campaign in RJ's RotWK begins at January 13th, 3019 and including heroes who died before that date just because they are more popular would, according to me, be very stupid.

As a responce to the earlier claims that some of the in-game heroes died during the war and also that there are some lore-issues with including people, such as the beorings, that never fought in the war i say this: In the linear campaign yes, those peoples should not fight in the war, and perhaps, if the mod should be that lore-bound, the heroes who died during the war should also die in the campaign, it doesn't really matter to me though. But, in the non-linear campaign the player, as I see it, has the opportunity to shape the history as he/she goes along, and thereby as many as possible of the living forces of good or evil should be made avalible to him/her.

Ring of Fate mentioned the black sheep Azog earlier, the only hero in any of the standard races to be dead at the time of the war of the ring, why EA chose that name for a early game goblin hero beats me. I hate him, why would a goblin chieftan who was killed by Dain II Ironfoot at the battle of Azanulbizar in 2799 re-rise and fight in the war of the ring? Neither should his name be changed to Bolg, the name of Azog's son who was slain by Beorn at the Battle of the Five Armies in The Hobbit. No, according to me the RJ team should change it to something totally different, there is no leader of the Moria-goblins mentioned in the lore that I know of but there most certainly would have been one, just make up a name, please.

By the way, I like Uruk King's suggestions for powers to the dwarven heroes, they make the dwarves to the kind of faction they ought to be, moving mountains with amazing leadership powers and nothing magical at all, I feel like playing a map with them right now.

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