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#948317 Mental Omega Fan Art

Posted by mrmotinjo on 12 February 2014 - 07:38 PM

Hey, so, I made this :)



also, hi everyone, this is my first post :D


*edit* I managed to complete Yunru, too :)


#961278 MO Meme Thread (Image Heavy)

Posted by Divine on 17 June 2014 - 05:15 PM

Suggestions forum in a nutshell.


#917133 Rhino Shield: a one day from a Rhino Tank's life (driver's photo diary)

Posted by mevitar on 25 March 2013 - 03:54 PM

I totally didn't expect that day to be so exciting! I met new friends! We did stuff together! But first things first.

Few days ago i was on a patrol mission at a village near the allied base. A Cavalier tank attacked us! The battle was hard! I barely managed to survive! :thumbsuphappy: And then, some GIs attacked me! If it was the only thing that happened...

Here am i after i tried to give the 2 tiny GI's a hug. Unfortunately, they couldn't stand the tank's weight. But i really wanted to give a hug to someone! Luckily for me, i spotted 2 strange Adepts at the shore, so i went to them! :ninja:
At first i thought they're my enemy, but then we had some vodca together. We're friends now! One of them even offered to do a lobotomy for me! (don't know what it is, but it does sound so nice!) :)

My friends making more friends at some allied base. Sadly, poor GIs didn't want to be friends with each other, so they killed themselves. :sad2:
I later have a hug to that poor lonely sniper! The Pillboxes, though, didn't want to be friends, so i had to leave. :sad2:

Here am jumping on one of my older friends from a container at our base. Those guys really didn't expect me to do that! GLOMP! :laugh:

Here's me with my new friend, Lasher Tank. We were beaten pretty badly up by some Gun Turrets, and we have to take a rest. Bad, bad Turrets. :thumbsdownsmiley:

And here's me with my friend almost ready to go. My Adept friends said something about killing only those Conscripts that will attack me. :ermm:

Here's me and my Adept friends, with some strange Conscript talking like Sean Connery. Just before, my Lasher friend decided to face 2 Bad Gun Turrets alone. I tried to stop him, but it was too late!
Goodby, friend. :sad2:

Me with my Adept friends, after escorting last one of 3 Sean Connery Conscripts brothers to our War Factory. Are they having a party or something, and i'm not invited? :ermm:

Me and my Adept friends departing. And who would have though that, they tried to leave me here! What, a Borolo cannot lift a tank? Nonsense, trololo! :laugh:

Borillo driver didn't look very happy, though... :ermm:

Woo! Mission Score! Did we win anything? <3

#964674 Revora is 10 years old!

Posted by Phil on 04 July 2014 - 04:09 PM

Hello everyone

I'm very excited to announce that today marks Revora's 10th anniversary. We're still alive and kicking after all these years!

Revora was introduced at the end of June 2004 by merger of the C&C Guild and the Origin Network. A week later, the process of merging the databases was complete and Revora was officially born. All these years we've supported mods and other creative projects by giving them a home on the world wide web. Some projects have since moved and found new homes, some were cancelled and many are still successful today. All of them have given their creators and user endless hours of joy (and, at times, frustration).

One of our most recent endeavours has been T3A:Online, a re-implementation of the abandoned GameSpy-powered online multiplayer servers for the Battle for Middle-earth series, in September 2013. This marked a new chapter in Revora's history, using our skill to improve the multiplayer experience for all enthusiastic players.
The work on this server has put us in the very fortunate position that we are prepared for the imminent total shutdown of GameSpy and the loss of online multiplayer functionality for the modern Command & Conquer series. Games affected are C&C Generals and Zero Hour, C&C3 Tiberium Wars and Kane's Wrath as well as C&C Red Alert 3. We can proudly say that our C&C:Online server is ready even before GameSpy has gone offline!

But Revora has never just been about our projects: we are very proud of our vibrant and international community and Revora has played an important part in many people's lives. As life goes, many then-teenagers have grown up and left their Revora years behind, becoming working adults. Others remain here until today - like me. I joined Revora in August 2005 at the age of 15, interested in modding BFME. Over the years I've had the pleasure to support Revora in various positions, eventually becoming Network Leader. And I hope to serve this  community of excellent people for many more years, in one way or another.

In the name of the entire Revora staff I want to thank you for your support over the last 10 years and invite old and new members alike to celebrate this anniversary with us and share your Revora stories here.

And to our American friends: happy Fourth of July!

Revora Network Leader and
Executive Director of the Revora Association

#950577 Re-Solving Problems Thread

Posted by Phil on 05 March 2014 - 06:12 PM

Stop pretending to represent Revora or any of our mods. I've had enough of your shenanigans. You and your second account and any more I can find are banned from this day forth.

#946668 MO Meme Thread (Image Heavy)

Posted by mevitar on 27 January 2014 - 04:18 PM


#1054671 Mental Omega Fan Art

Posted by Crazy_Ghost on 19 March 2017 - 05:43 PM

Hey everyone!

First time posting here, and I love all the fanart I've seen for the mod and thought I'd contribute a bit of my own, just something I shot up over the past few days c:

It's based off of the first Allied mission of Act 1 'Red Dawn Rising' 




Might consider making some more soon and am willing to take suggestions or ideas :D

- CrazyGhost

EDIT- updated picture little :b

#1053552 MO Meme Thread (Image Heavy)

Posted by Magma1Lord on 08 March 2017 - 05:59 PM

How to summon Alstar.




spear of zero.png



#944961 Everything about HQ

Posted by Petya on 15 January 2014 - 04:20 PM

So since there were people who think that HQ that HQ sucks or HQ is OP, I've written a guide about this side. Of course you can add your own HQ tactics if you have any. This guide was written by me, mostly using my knowledge and some from mevitar's knowledge. :p


I hope it will serve good purpose for you.


General information about Headquarters:

Headquarters or simply HQ is one of the hardest factions in terms of gameplay. HQ is about making mass of infantry units and of course stealth assaults. Infantry units play vital role in the gameplay and it is almost impossible to play without them as HQ and this sub-faction also supports them with various support powers. Due to the fact that Shadow Tank belongs to this faction it is also possible to make stealth based attacks, ambushes. Of course this doesn’t mean that you should run into a base and destroy everything in it, because that is impossible if your opponent plays well.


Gameplay information about the HQ unique units and support powers:





Stalker is an anti-structure and anti-infantry support infantry. They are quite expensive and in sheer numbers they can tear apart any kind of structure in seconds. Stalker has the ability to immobilize enemy infantry from great distance, which allows the player to easily eliminate heroes such as Siegfried and Volkov with Invaders or Basilisks. However, they can’t damage infantry and they must be defended always. Stalker takes 2 passenger slots in tranports, so it is quite expensive to do a Driller APC ambush with them. He is immune to dog bite.


Rahn is the genetically manipulated hero of Headquarters. Rahn is one of the most agile and powerful  heroes in the game. His weapon can deal great damage to both armor and structures. He mutates enemy infantry into Brutes, but there are exceptions (for example Dogs, Dreamweavers, Chitzkoi, Volkov and other cyborgs), this means that they will simply die from one shot. Furthermore every infantry, but the exceptions turns into Brutes, if they are in the line of the shot. He is immune to dog bite. While Rahn is very powerful it is advisable to keep him safe. With the Driller APC you can transport him with a single Stalker to do ambushes and to elimininate for example a structure.




Opus Custom Tank:

Opus is the basic tank for HQ. While it is a basic tank it can carry an infantry (which doesn’t take more than 1 passenger slot) and that infantry operates a second barrel (if the infantry isn't a dog nor a Dreamweaver). Opus with an infantry is a less armored, faster version of the Qilin Tank and that means that it can do lots of damage to both armor and structures. Since it can be used as a transport you can do special strikes on the enemy with this tank. Placing engineers in them can be used to safely capture tech structures and to capture enemy buildings. Opuses can weaken enemy buildings and if you weaken them enough you can capture that building with only 1 engineer. Of course, this tactic doesn’t work on uncapturable ones.



Shadow Tank:

Shadow Tank uses the power of stealth and this means that the enemy never knows from where they will attack. It’s dissolver beam is powerful against both armor and infantry, but it doesn’t do much damage against buildings, so it isn’t advisable to attack bases with them (with a great number of Shadow Tanks it is possible to sneak in less defended points and attack). While it only reveals itself when attacking Shadow Tank has fragile armor so it isn’t advisable to attack with them straightforwardly. They are very good for ambushes and harassing miners. They can be used as stealth detectors in your army.




Colossus is an anti-armor and anti-air heavy armored unit. Colossus can deploy into it’s anti-air mode which is quite effective against air units, but it can’t attack ground units while deployed. It is really good anti-armor too, but it shouldn’t be used alone, because base defenses and infantry can tear it apart easily. Colossus offers good defense to you army from both armor and air.



Aerial Fortress Irkalla:

Mental Omega 3’s most iconic unit. While this masterpiece looks almost unbeatable it mustn’t be used alone. She can’t handle heavy anti-air spam alone. She must remain well protected from enemy fire. She has two type of weapon: dissolver beams and imploders. The dissolver beams are very effective against infantry and can be used for anti-air purposes too. The imploders shoot „fireballs” which will follow the target until they hit it or run into an obstacle. The fireballs explodes, which deals damage not only to the targeted unit, but units nearby the targetted one too. Build it only if your army is always ready to protect her, because losing her is a great loss, since she costs very much. Excellent for base defense and giving an all round defense for your army. If used properly she can even outrange anti-air base defenses.



Support Powers:


Kinetic Barrier:

Kinetic Barrier is a free support power which increases the resistance of the affected infantry to enemy fire. This can save your infantry from being doomed if used in good time. Using it on a spam of Brutes for example can be deadly for your opponent.



Not much can be said about this one. It can be used to weaken enemy infantry and if they are already damaged enough then you can turn them into loyal Brutes.


How to play as HQ:

When the warfactory is built then you should build 2 Stingers/Gatling Tanks (it would be better to use Stingers, because with engineers you can counter Terror Drone attacks) and 2 Opus Custom Tanks. Use these for defending your base from various units. After these units are ready build 3-4 Ghost Miners to have a good income. After the War Factory you should build a Radar Spire to gain access to Brutes and Shadow Tanks. Train Brutes and when the building of the Miners has been finish you should build some Gatling Tanks, Opus Tanks and Stingers, after this you should start to build Shadow Tanks. Good thing about HQ is that they can stay at T2 relatively long. Build War Factory and Barracks or if you want to tech up quickly then Pandora Hub after Radar Spire. With Shadow Tanks you can harass your opponent's Miners and they are also good for assassinating units or even a whole army (if you know from where to attack). It is also recommended to train Dreamweavers and Duneriders. Dreamweavers can create distractions between enemy units while Duneriders are excellent anti-infantry, anti-structure infantry with the ability to detect cloaked units. When you reach T3 then build a Driller APC, train Rahn and a Stalker and start to build Cloning Vats. You can do surprise attacks with Rahn + Stalker + Driller APC combo. When Cloning Vats is ready it is advisable to train Brutes again, but this time train Epsilon Adepts, Stalkers and Archers too. In the War Factory, build at least 5 Colossuses (it isn't a big problem if you build more of them) and at least 5 Basilisks (same what I said for Colossus). The final unit for your army should be Irkalla. This army is more then enough to be able to use Irkalla properly. Now let's see some tactics.


Driller APC ambush: With Rahn and a Stalker you can take out valuable structures such as Battle Labs and War Factories with ease. You can also eliminate tech structures with them, which you don't want to attack with your forces.


Miner harassment: With a decent amount of Shadow Tanks you can turn enemy miners into ashes in seconds.


Opus rush: Building 3 Engineers and putting them into 3 Opus Custom Tanks can be used for several purposes. One is that they are quite effective against armor and structures. Other thing is that you can unload the engineers whenever and wherever you want and capture that structure (you can even capture a CY if you are fast enough). You can also weaken structures with Opus Tanks so you will need only 1 engineer to capture that one.


Irkalla as a base defense destroyer: Not many people know this, but Irkalla can slightly outrange basic air defenses so she can safely destroy them. Of course in order to accomplish this, you have to place Irkalla where she begins to attack them. Although you still need to protect here from anti-air units. Because of this she can also eliminate those base defenses, which are guarded by anti-air defenses.


Basilisks + Stalkers: This one just like the previous one needs a good army to be able to accomplish it. Stalkers can destroy anti-air defenses, allowing Basilisks to be able to move closer to the enemy's base and attack it. It is advised to keep Irkalla, Colossuses and Archers near to them.


Kinetic Barrier + Archers/Brutes: When the enemy would approach you with threatening units you can use Kinetic Barrier on a group of Brutes so they will die harder from those units. If that unit is an air one (for example Thor Gunship) you can use this tactic against it with Archers.



As United States:

Since Abrams Tank can't handle Brute spam alone you'll need other tactics. Using Mercury strike on your opponent's forces is very good, although Mercury reloads a bit slowly. Tanya + Stryker IFV gives a mobile Mercury, which is good against infantry. Basilisks and Irkalla can't be countered by Aeroblazes. It is also good to use many Navy SEAL-s because they can get rid off Brutes efficiently. Basswaves can be used too, although they aren't very efficient against heavy forces of infantry.


As European Alliance:

This side is one of the sides, which can counter HQ easier than others Siegfried, Prism Tank are good infantry butchers. Thor Gunship is also efficient in terms of killing infantry, also it can kill Irkalla quickly, but don't rush with them, if the enemy's Irkalla is well defended.


As Pacific Front:

Pacific Front has several units which are good against infantry spam. Hailstorms can easily get rid of them from high distances. Blizzard Tank can also do this although it doesn't have as much range as the Hailstorm. Have Battle Fortresses with 4G.GIs in each of them, because they kill air units very quickly.


As Russia:

Wolfhounds won't help against an experienced HQ player, because of the Colossuses and Archers. In fact Russia has disadvantage against a well prepared HQ army, but Russia has a good unit: SCUD Launcher. SCUD Launchers in big numbers can deal with mobs of infantry and armor with ease. It is advisable to focus them more when you play against HQ as Russia. Have Wolfhounds and other forces to defend them.


As Latin Confederation

The Latin Confederation has lots of units which can easily deal with infantry spam. First is the hero, Morales. The second unit isn't used that much as I've seen and it is a big mistake. This unit is the Buratino. Buratino can deal with masses of infantry from distance easily, while you can harass the armored units with Morales. Keep Drakuvs in the base, because they can abduct enemy infantry and that infantry will be yours, forever. Of course you can defend your forces with the good old Catastrophe + Desolator combo.


As China

China has more disadvantage against HQ than any other factions. Sentinels aren't very efficient against Irkalla. Nuwas can be countered by either Epsilon Adepts or Brutes. Eradicators and Gyrocopters can help against infantry. In fact, if you manage to build many Gyrocopters you can deal with Irkalla relatively quickly.


As PsiCorps

The only things that help against HQ are Gehennas and Libra. Gehennas can take out Irkalla and Libra can be used for harassment. Basilisks can help against infantry spam. Magnetrons can immobilize Rahn and the Stalkers so your units can deal with them.


As Scorpion Cell

Scorpion Cell has Basilisks and Plague Splatters. Both of them are efficient against infantry, but it isn't necessary to use both of them at the same time. Oxidizer + Gatling Tank can deal with Irkalla and other air units with seconds. Scorpion Cell units are also fast so they can ignore the forces and attack the base directly. This tactic works well with Tyrants.


As Headquarters

Stalemate detected.

#944057 MO Meme Thread (Image Heavy)

Posted by OmegaBolt on 09 January 2014 - 11:09 PM


#1046964 Poll: Favorite New Stolen Tech Unit?

Posted by Solais on 14 January 2017 - 12:57 PM


#958214 Beta Revision 2: Proposed Changelog

Posted by Zenothist on 23 May 2014 - 08:08 PM

Kivz, I've got good news. The changes you've requested have largely been implemented in a special version of MO.

It's a bit toned down from 3.0 though, so we've decided to shorten the title as well. Instead of calling it Almost Perfect Yuri's Revenge..


..we're just calling it Yuri's Revenge.  :thumbsuphappy:


Seriously though, most of the changes you're suggesting are just reverting things back to the original game. That kinda defeats the purpose of the mod in the first place ya'know? :p

#945357 The Official Introduction Topic

Posted by lovalmidas on 18 January 2014 - 06:02 AM


Welcome to the HQ of the Mentalmeisters! I hope you will enjoy your stay here. Take a jacket; it is cold in Antarctica.


Don't mind the guy at the door, he is Martin the Guard. He helps to maintain this place and keep it safe. Don't be intimidated by him. When he is the bouncer around here, no even Rahn can resist him.


I am your local Epsilon Adept instructor. I make simulations of military battles you call 'missions' and have you complete them as part of your training. The weakest of minds usually give up in the early stages, and the tormented expressions from those Initiates are recorded and filed to assist in the research of the Rage Inductor, and those that are also rejected by the scientists there (quite rare) will go to the Reaper, who is currently working a project with the image of a bird, as well as what looks like an alien artefact. The best of minds, however, graduate with profound skills that can ensure their future success in the Epsilon army.

By the way, RP is your Epsilon Elite instructor, and the Kiting Trike is your One-True-Yuri instructor. Assisted by a man almost of Roman nobility, w
e three are jointly 'responsible' for the making and appearance of our Adepts, Elites and Yuri. The mass of uprooted hairs sometimes mark the rate of progress by these talentless people who desire to be the talented. But of course, hair loss is a minor setback that pales in comparison of the mastery of the mind.

There is an alternate way to achieve success in mind games. Zen (or Zeno) can teach you how to keep calm and be one with Yuri, if you can stand his lore. Be careful though, Zen has a Mal-icious ver-sion of himself which when activated can cost you your life. But no worries, inner peace gained that way is permanent.

I must apologise that the above poster is keeping Libra occupied, so you have to settle for the current set of training regimes.

We seek to improve on our methods to the point of extremity and will love your feedback on our training methods. For positive feedback, you can directly notify your trainer-in-charge. For complaints, we have a specialized department for the purpose of administering and recording complaints, headed by ImP_Rulz.


Next, we will move to the gallery where the finest art by our best artisans. This spinning top with a woman's voice is crafted and shaped by a Thing inside the Mental Omega, who is also in charge of DeeDee. Here is a wide array of works by one of the best talents in HQ, except he apparently disappeared from the building and swam from Antarctica to his native homeland. The complaints department has also contributed some paintings of our prestigious men of the army. And here are the works of an artist who just left his namesake here... this bowl of glowing noodles is not for consumption. Don't worry, its radioactivity is small enough for human approach.


Disclaimer: The office of Mentalmeisters bears no responsibility for any loss, monetary or non-monetary, that may have incurred from your time in the HQ, directly or indirectly. For disputes regarding this disclaimer, proceed to the complaints department.


Just having a try on introducing the staff in a proper and somewhat formal fashion. :p

#940903 Mental Omega Fan Art

Posted by Traumaticid on 18 December 2013 - 10:17 AM

Epsilon Hero/Heroine doodle~



Hopefully not considered a re-post, since most of the guys here already saw that :(

#865456 New Board Features Enabled

Posted by Phil on 02 November 2011 - 03:07 PM

When adjusting some settings in the board control panel, I noticed that there were a handful of features we had simply never enabled. Seeing as we don't have a policy of intentionally limiting features for our users like other boards do, I've decided to enable them. I've also reviewed most of the user group settings to make sure they all match up. Some of the things that you can now do include:

Facebook and Twitter login

You can now log in using your Facebook or Twitter account if you wish. To enable this, simply go to Your Settings -> Profile -> Manage Facebook Connect / Manage Twitter Connect. You will have to authorize our application so it can establish the necessary link between your social network profile and your forum profile here. Once that's done, you have some extra settings you can play with, such as updating your forum status with your Facebook status or importing your profile picture.

Note for the privacy-concerned: This is 100% voluntary. If you're not comfortable linking accounts, simply don't enable it and nobody will ever be able to make a connection.

Private Messages

Many user groups weren't able to use the new PM invitation feature that allowed the handy group conversations (think of it as a private forum topic), a core improvement of IPB 3. From now on, users of all groups can issue up to 50 invitations per conversation.

The maximum number of storable messages has also been greatly increased (100 for New Members, 500 for Posting Members and Project Team, 1000 for Hosted). That should make sure you never run out of message space Posted Image


You might have noticed the Posted Image and Posted Image icons at the bottom right of every post. Those allow you to give reputation points, which will then reflect in the other user's profile. Give a plus if you thought the post was constructive/helpful/funny and a minus if it was bad (duh). New Members are not able to give any reputation points, Posting Members are only able to give 5 positive reputation points a day and all others simply have some other limits on the amount of points they can issue per day.

#1054064 MO Meme Thread (Image Heavy)

Posted by siegelad on 12 March 2017 - 09:33 PM

"Build me a palace! no...five!"



#1053289 MO Meme Thread (Image Heavy)

Posted by Solais on 05 March 2017 - 10:09 PM

Well, you're with the 3.0 logo in the signature. :p

#1038440 MO Meme Thread (Image Heavy)

Posted by <OTL> on 17 September 2016 - 01:13 AM

Mental Omega Waifu War




EDIT: Sauce for the Tanya & Libra Fanart



I made this one back in July but decided not to post it since I wasn't sure if this kind of thing was allowed.... but after seeing all the "memes" that get posted here, why not


WARNING: Profanity & Political



@Damfoos: Thanks fam

#943867 MO3.0 Fan Fiction

Posted by FiremariomkiZX 123-451-149 on 07 January 2014 - 04:21 PM

Edited for another story came to mind.


Story 1: The Butcher



Story 2: He Misses a Girl?



#941142 Mental Omega Fan Art

Posted by NHunter on 19 December 2013 - 04:05 PM


My own take at drawing Libra. Still WIP as my free time is limited. And trying to beat the campaigns doesn't help there too ))))