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Posted Yesterday, 01:52 AM

Much like how Eclipse seems to be inspired by a major detail in Think Different, there are details in some briefings that can be turned into ideas for entire side missions for Covert Ops. Here are some I've found:


 Rashidi has been captured, and by our very own Soviet army! It turns out both and Allied and Soviet armies in Africa were very concerned about the Scorpion Cell, and the Soviet African Expedition, hiking the trail, eventually set a trap for him! - Killing Fields briefing


A Soviet mission that involves the capture of Rashidi. Could be a great mission to introduce the Drakuv (or at least a prototype since apparently it does not appear in Act One).


While a significant bulk of our army is now part of the expedition force, the remainder of it is still holding their own in the defense of England, but they won't last much longer...Assuming that Yuri is the one currently holding the MIDAS, it's very likely that, once the Gladius System falls, Yuri will fire it at either the remainder of the London Fortress, or the expedition force itself. If that happens, we're doomed, but we must push forward. - Bottleneck briefing


While the Allies are distracted with our naval and aerial armies coming along the coast... - Godsend briefing


An Allied mission that uses Sunlight's layout but instead of Soviets, Epsilon armies will be invading. And instead of a "destroy all" kind of mission, it becomes a defense mission with a timer.  Or it could be a role reversal where the player commands the Epsilon invasion force.


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Posted Yesterday, 04:17 AM

Yeah, even now some plots are only mentioned in mission briefing.
However, in my opinion, which of them shall come true in new Covert Ops should consider if it will be a meaningful filling. Eclipse mainly clarified Chinese prespective during early Act One, partially sorted out the confusing Sino-Japanese relationship (and of course, to let players experience the first Chinese single player mission), detailize said in Think Different post-mission briefing is just a coincidence. Nightcrawler resolved the issue that how Scorpion Cell suppressed by Epsilon, Taciturn showed that the Epsilon is still doing some operations during preparations in 1983; Fullmetal showed the Allied's prespective of PC & SC's fight (and coincidentally, detailed how Allies witness Dominator for the first time, mentioned in Relentless), though Gridlock are not so vital, it still hinted some actions, like Meltdown's occurrence time through Epsilon's attitude on Launchpads, operations of San Juan Americans after Hypothermia; new 3.3.4 Allied Covert Ops showed the Allied's less important but more macro operations. All current Allied ones also filled American's appearances in Act Two.
To just let tiny events come true, numerous Fan Missions can do that. If Covert Ops wants to include every piece of tiny events, it will surely distract main story missions in quantity, some day. In this regard, there is an ironic saying: "So will a new Covert Op be done, to describe how Rashidi change his transport between Obsidian Sands and Great Beyond?"
Just let events that are necessary to become detailed to appear in Covert Ops is OK, like how Japan falls under Chinese control, what's detailed PF operations after Insomnia (if so, Norio, who has the fewest appearances, can appear more times, and make the number of Allied Covert Ops average). For how Rashidi is arrested by Soviets, making an Epsilon Co-Op can be considered, as Cell now only have one.
Criticality ordering: Main story missions → Covert Ops → Co-ops → Fan Missions.

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Posted Yesterday, 08:58 AM

I think the better fan missions should become official Covert Ops missions.

#2144 TerumasaReal

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Posted Today, 06:04 AM

One thing I've mentioned before, that is, it will be better to write the Co-op mission locations on the client selection interface in the next update, just like the single-player missions. I have sorted out a few more reasonable locations. They are not clear for now:


Good Old Times - Tamaulipas, Mexico

Enforcers - Tunisia, Africa

Technologic - Zakopane, Poland

Attack on Buggy - Castile and Leon, Spain (could-be more detailed)

Mad Monster - Masuria, Poland

Downfall - Upper Normandy, France


Lights Out - Rosendal, Norway

Thunder God - Angermanland, Sweden

Combustion - Languedoc-Roussillon, France (could-be more detailed)

Money Source - Antofagasta Province, Chile (or just city of Antofagasta)

(In my opinion, Latin Confederation shouldn't appear in Egypt, where is inferred from a pyramid prop that might be put it on the map freely, African operations should be done by Russians. As for why Euro Alliance appears in Chile, it can be said that they are deployed to supersede American occupators since latter falls.)


Television Lies - Baikonur Cosmodrome, Kazakhstan

Retaliation - Algeria, Africa

Rainmaker - North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany (could-be more detailed)

Brain Reset - Primorsky Krai, Russia

Rush Tactics - Gangwon Province, South Korea

Monochrome - Boston, Massachusetts, S.S.A.

Research Stroke - Guangzhou, China

Neuromancers - Giza Governorate, Egypt


Effect chart cannot upload again, ****. Here's the text effect preview:


Yuri's Epsilon Co-op - Backbitten

Location: Ascension Island, Atlantic Ocean


PsiCorps is on the hunt for the Allies' ultimate weapon. While the vessel itself still can't be located, it appears that one of its batteries is being powered on the Ascension Island.


Objective 1: Destroy all Lightning Rods.

Objective 2: Infiltrate and then destroy the Paradox Battery.

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