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#1056440 Atlas Base Defense

Posted by predator_bg on 16 April 2017 - 01:08 PM

Happy Easter everyone!
This time we didn't make a news article, since there are not many visually finished changes, but we do have one new unit ready.
"Atlas" base defense replaces the old SSM artillery defense for Super Weapon general at rank 3.
Cost and build time are the same, it can hold up 4 infantry like before. But it lost ability to clear toxins and acids.
Also, it doesn't fire rockets anymore, instead it fires Power Bullets which can be upgraded both with Emmiter upgrade and EMP explosions.
Bullets are currently not deviated by ECM field.
Stay tuned for the upcoming Update with more news and fancy stuff!

#1045779 Official Contra Discord Chat

Posted by predator_bg on 05 January 2017 - 08:24 PM

Welcome, newcomer! You are free to join Contra's official Discord chat HERE


We discuss Contra stuff and arrange online games everyday.



#1042395 Contra 009 work in progress - Update 7

Posted by predator_bg on 04 December 2016 - 01:58 PM

Starting to be worried... Really so long silent here

Don't you follow us on ModDB? We are much more active there.

#1026755 Contra Feedback

Posted by predator_bg on 06 March 2016 - 10:05 AM

Balance suggestions:

Why "lei sheng" and "ECM tank" don't have the "jammer" ability that "jammer trooper" already has ??

The pace of leach's money stealing should be slowed down !!!

The lancer is over powered, you must choose one of these:slowing down the ROF "or" decreasing firepower

Also droids and leach should take 2 places when entering transportation vehicles !

Thanks for reading....

I'll bring these to discussion.



its not working



the game crash to desktop



please specify the intallation directory


these is no MAP file in the main directory but in the saved file in the documents folder


You did not understand me. The "Maps" folder which you need is inside the .rar archive. Extract everything to your ZH directory and you're done.



Playing .008 and .009 and every time I face General Granger on easy in challenge the game will crash claiming a "Serious Error", I have tried with other generals but with no difficulty; it is only him. A bit of research points that a problem with compatibility mode, but it seems to already have been solved.

It is a well-known crash with this map.

#1025474 Contra 009 work in progress - Update 4

Posted by predator_bg on 14 February 2016 - 05:51 PM

Originally posted on ModDB by dcesarec on Feb 14th, 2016
Hi people,
I hope you are all enjoying 009 Beta release. We want to thank you for voting for us, and for your support. 
It's also great to see 100 downloads of 009 Beta per day.
As usual, we are working constantly on balance, bug fixing, and adding new stuff. I am here to present you 3 new finished models.
- So, let's start. In order to bring as much as diversity as possible to generals, SW general got a new structure. Well, it's not so new, but its stats are different than other USA generals, and thus model is also changed.
It is Ion Plant structure.

Ion Plant is cheaper than any other power plant in game, it is built much faster (those stats are still subject to change, so I won't write them in numbers). It gives SW general opportunity for rush, expand faster and take more control of the map. But, in order to balance it, you cannot upgrade System defense on it anymore, because player would attack with these structures. Also, it brings less power to you. So, you will need to make very large number of them to support your base. It has less health, and when destroyed, causes a small EMP explosion, shutting down all nearby tanks and structures for a few seconds. You cannot purchase more energy production on it like you could on other USA power plants. It has a nice rotating animation and awesome lighting effect. This is the new thing for SW general.
- Another update is for Cybernetic general. His old stealth patriot defense is replaced with new defenses. First one is Missile Defense System.
Missile Defense System is effective only vs. ground targets, and more specifically vs. tanks and vehicles. Deals small damage to infantry too. Fires 6 rockets instead of 4 like old Patriot and does not relay position of enemies to nearby Patriots anymore. But its firepower is slightly better than Patriot. It provides better defense vs. tanks and especially vs. ECM because it has a stronger secondary damage radius.
- And last structure, also for Cybernetic general, is Gatling Defense System

It is perfect anti infantry and anti air defense. Not much to say about it, you get the picture. 
All those Cybernetic defenses are currently built as a separate object, but with help from TheHunter in coding, they could actually be built as upgrade on one specific structure (node).
Challenge and Campaign are being worked on. More info on those is coming in the next updates.
That's it for now, stay tuned.
Once again, I will share you two YouTube channels which have and will have a lot of Contra videos, so track them and enjoy some nice battle videos:

#1020319 Contra 009 Beta Released

Posted by predator_bg on 08 December 2015 - 06:46 PM

Originally posted on ModDB by dcesarec on Dec 7th, 2015



Dear Contra players,
with small delay, we are bringing you first 009 release. As already known, our team which consists from 3 people (d-ceThePredatorBG, and our tester Persun) was working on 009 beta for about a year. 

But real life took from us even more time which we would dedicate to this project. So many plans and ideas are still not implemented in 009 release. However, many new things are inserted, many things are improved and fixed. You can read a detailed changelog here: http://www.moddb.com...logs-part-16-17


We encourage you to download this version, which is better than 008 Final in many aspects. Play it with friends, and play it with us.




Join us either on Hamachi in this network: generalsgentlemen (Pass: generalsgentlemen); keep in mind, players on this network play all kind of ZH mods. 
Or you can join us in Tunngle, in Contra 009 room. We are looking forward to playing some online games.

Also, please support us by voting for us. No matter of winning something or not, it means a lot for us by knowing that people are still liking this project.



Installation video tutorial (more info can be found in video description on YouTube):


#975602 Autumn Update

Posted by predator_bg on 01 September 2014 - 02:01 PM

Welcome back to Contra. It's been a long time. Some people thought we are dead, others thought we are having a super nice vacation. Unfortunately, we were not on a vacation, but fortunately we are alive. That's enough about us. You came here to hear about Contra, right?

First, we'll start off with some new models. Dcesarec presents you the new US drones pack.
From left to right: Zodiac Drone, Stinger Drone, Battle Mechanic, Jet Sniper Drone, Scout Drone and Hellfire Drone.


Second, we have fixed Observer interface. Coordinates now properly match the new interface, which was introduced in 008 beta. Generals' icons are now displayed instead of vanilla faction icons.


The general's portrait can be seen when a player is selected.


Third, we have a new launcher for Contra. Contra now works in conjunction with other mods. But that's not all. You can switch between new and vanilla soundtracks, new and vanilla unit voices. Language and start options are easily selectable too. Made by Predator_BG.


And finally, a new trailer for the upcoming 008 final (big thanks to SmokeMelvin)!


We have recently started testing Contra online to find any bugs and imbalanced stuff. Challenge maps are also being tested. We hope you enjoyed this update. We are not dead.

#916984 Contra 008 Progress

Posted by predator_bg on 22 March 2013 - 04:32 PM

I'm From Thailand, Contra mod  It's Awesome.  I Like It


But . . . Can You Change Picture Of Generals ?  I think it's funny


Tell Me Please   . . .  This will be completed this month



Sorry I am weak in English

The old Generals' pictures will be returned and the Beta will be released this month.

#881472 Contra 008 Progress

Posted by predator_bg on 30 March 2012 - 08:08 PM

I really enjoy the contra mods. Unfortunately, I do not believe 008 will ever come out. Been a lot of talk, but no change ( other than skins/models) in almost a complete year now. I can't wait till Generals 2 Makes it out.

No changes? Read this: Contra 008 will include an entirely new campaign for all factions (including a unique briefing for each mission), each faction speaks its own language (China speaks Chinese, GLA speaks Arabic), bug fixes, balance fixes, new Multiplayer maps, new Co-op maps, remade Challenge mode (including China, USA and GLA Boss generals), new units, new buildings, new upgrades, new updated models and skins, new terrain textures, new cameos, improved AI, better game stability and other minor stuff.

Keep waiting and you will see why you're wrong. We are adding some cool stuff, but it has not been shown yet. We are not working on updating the models only. Just because you see the new models in the updates doesn't mean that it's the only change. Have you seen a briefing example?